Welcome to the WiseLAB® new owners’ support website

Thank you for purchasing one of our countertop laboratories. Since you’ve come to this support website you’ve obviously opened your shipment. Keep the list of part numbers you found inside for your files; it will be useful when ordering supplies. You also may want to keep the packing materials in case you ever need to send the base unit in for repair.

Warranty information for the WiseLAB® and the taylorwise™ Water Analysis Software can be found under the Lab Support and Software Support buttons, respectively (above). Note:  For warranty service you will need to know the purchase date, where purchased, and the serial number on your unit.

Choose the location for the lab before unpacking its components. You will need an electrical outlet within 5-1/2 feet. If your lab is meant to connect to a PC in the store’s water-testing station, you’ll need to be within 5-1/2 feet of the computer to make the connection with the USB cable provided. Extensions can be used for both the power cord and USB cable, but the total length for the USB cabling should not be more than 15 feet to prevent loss of signal.

Having a sink close by is ideal. You will drain the wet chemistry lab here using the tubing provided; however, if one is not convenient you can drain into a reservoir of some type like a plastic receptacle under the counter. In this case you probably will want to drill a hole in the countertop to run the drainage tube through. Operators of the test strip model who don’t have a sink close by will need a container to hold sample water left over from testing. 

Let’s get started with the installation of your WiseLAB. No tools will be needed. Unpack the hardware, reagents, and software components (if any) where you intend to place the lab. Your first task should be to ID the various parts of the lab, making sure everything is in front of you before beginning assembly. Please note you have been provided with touch-up paint should the metal part of the base unit get scratched over time.

We’ve created some short video demonstrations to make getting started easy. Below, click on the model/connectivity option you bought. Next, click on the Assembly video. When you are finished assembling the WiseLAB, learn how to run tests by watching the How to Use the WiseLAB video. Lastly, watch the SampleSizer® and Unit Dose Dispenser™ videos (apply to wet lab only) as well as the Watergram® video for tips on using these tools.