Wet Lab Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get answers to testing-related questions?

Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Eastern Time, except major holidays, from Taylor Technologies’ customer service group. Call 800-TEST KIT (837-8548).

How do I get answers to software-related questions?

Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, except major holidays, from Taylor Technologies’ programmers. Call 877-TEST KIT (837-8548).

What is the most recent version of the water analysis software available?

Version 2.0. Visit the software support website, by clicking on the Software Support button above, to learn more.

What are the specialty tests I can use to augment the Water Analysis Report?

The software permits you to enter results from the following test kits:

  • Salt (sodium chloride) − K-1766, a drop test where 1 drop = 200 ppm
  • Phosphate − K-1106, reads 6 values in a range of 0 to ≥1000 ppb with a color card comparator
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) − K-1764, a drop test where 1 drop = 50 ppm as calcium carbonate
  • Copper − K-1738, reads 8 values in a range of 0.2 to 3.0 ppm with a Midget™ comparator
  • Iron − K-1716, reads 8 values in a range of 0 to 2.0 ppm with a Midget comparator
  • Copper & Iron − K-1264, kit contains both tests above
  • Biguanide Sanitizer (PHMB) and Biguanide Oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) − K-1725, drop tests where 1 drop = 5 ppm PHMB and 5 ppm hydrogen peroxide, respectively

Note: A residual of potassium monopersulfate (non-chlorine oxidizing shock) in the water sample will interfere with the FAS-DPD combined chlorine test. By adding a single reagent to the test procedure, namely Deox Reagent, you can overcome this interference. Purchase K-2042 (instruction included).

Where can I get replacement reagents and auxiliary specialty tests?

Retailers may order supplies to replenish their WiseLAB® countertop laboratory through our nationwide network of nearly 400 distributor locations. We're proud the best distributors in the pool and spa industry have chosen to make our products available to you. A complete list can be found under the Contact Us button on our main website. (Use the link to the left of this screen to go to our main website.) While anyone is welcome to establish an account directly with Taylor, we believe you'll find that purchasing through our distributors is good business from both a cost and service perspective. If what you need is not in stock, your distributor can ask us to drop-ship directly to you to shorten delivery time. (We do not charge extra for this service to distributors and we do not impose a minimum order requirement.) Note: Refer to the parts listing that came with your lab to ensure you receive the proper replacement reagents and equipment.

How do I know if my reagents are still good?

Call 800-TEST KIT (837-8548) Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Eastern Time, except major holidays. Have the reagent container(s) in front of you as you will need lot code information on the label.

How do I replace the daylight simulator lamp?

This must be done at the factory. There are multiple long-lasting LEDs in the daylight simulator. If a few go out, there will still be sufficient light for the purpose. Please call 800-TEST KIT (837-8548) for instructions on returning the base unit if LED replacement is needed.

Where can I read more about water chemistry?

The best place to start is the testing and treatment guide “Pool & Spa Water Chemistry,” which is included in your purchase. Additional reading is posted on our main website www.taylortechnologies.com in the Learn More section. You can use the live link to go there now and bookmark this site.

Do I get a new Unit Dose Dispenser when I order more DPD powder?

No. Be sure to keep the Unit Dose Dispenser™ (part number 9250) when you discard the empty powder vial.

Can I refill 2 oz. bottles from a larger size?

Yes, as long as you are extremely careful not to contaminate the reagents with residue from your fingers, by switching bottle caps, or by not recapping tightly. You must make sure all reagents are properly labeled when repouring. Cross out the original lot code on the 2 oz. bottle once you have refilled it.

Note: 2 oz. reagents are available in multipacks; in fact, R-0003 (DPD Reagent #3) and R-0004 (pH Indicator Solution) come in a 144-count flat at significant savings.

Can I buy more stir bars for the SpeedStir®? I accidentally threw mine out.

Yes. Order the 1" magnetic stirring bar, part number 6101. If you pour your water samples down the drain in the lab itself, the perforated tray will catch the stir bar. It is not good practice to dump directly into the sink for this reason!

Can I buy another SampleSizer® Measuring Tool?

Yes. Order part number 6190 for the 25 mL version. Order part number 6191 for the 44 mL version. Note: These tools are designed to work with one particular sample tube, part number 9198. They may not measure accurately in other test vials.